Transmission Service and Repair

Transmission Repair

The vehicle you drive contains many complex systems, from the engine and brakes to the suspension and steering. Even so, the transmission just might be one of the most complicated and complex systems inside your car, truck or SUV.

Whether you prefer the driving ease of an automatic or the fun and exhilaration of a manual gear shift, your transmission needs regular care and maintenance to stay running at peak performance. At CarFix, we are your transmission service and repair experts, with a full range of services area drivers will appreciate.

Expert Transmission Fluid Flushes

You know you need to change your oil on a regular basis, but what about the fluid inside your transmission. Over time, impurities in the system, sludge and other contaminants can enter the transmission, and over time the fluid begins to degrade.

Changing the transmission fluid is not the same as changing your oil – it is a good deal more complicated. In order to prevent further problems and keep the system clean, the transmission must be fully flushed, removing the oil fluid and replacing it with brand new fluid. At CarFix, we can flush your transmission fluid and give your automatic or manual transmission a new lease on life.

Transmission Inspections

Even if you think everything is working well with your transmission, you can never be too careful. Even a small problem with your transmission could be costly, and a full rebuild could easily cost more than a thousand dollars.

That is why CarFix provides transmission inspections, so you can spot those small problems before they become larger ones. Some transmission problems can be resolved quickly and relatively easily, while others are more complicated and difficult to fix. No matter what our inspection finds, the transmission experts at CarFix can help you set things right, so you can enjoy a future filled with smooth shifts and top performance.

Help With Slippage and Hard Shifting

You know your vehicle best, and you know when something is not working the way it should. If you have been experiencing slippage, hard shifting and other transmission problems, just bring your vehicle to CarFix for expert diagnosis and repairs.

At CarFix, our highly skilled and certified mechanics have the training and expertise needed to diagnose and fix even the most complex transmission problems. Whether you need a complete rebuild, minor preventative maintenance, a full system flush or something in between, the automotive experts at CarFix are always here to help.

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